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Wedding & Celebration Cake Price List

Wedding Cakes
Each tier of our wedding cakes is made with three sponges. This gives you more cake for your

money and great height, making it a real showstopper on your wedding day.
Cake Prices are for Buttercream Iced Cakes 

1 Tier: 12” serves approximately 50          £170

2 Tier: 8/10” serves approximately 90         £290

3 Tier: 6/9/12” serves approximately 150          £410

4 Tier: 6/8/10/12 serves approximately 200          £530

Delivery is charged at 60p per mile round trip.  Price does not include flowers or wedding topper. We can source these for you, and will decorate cake when we set up at the venue, this cost will be added to your chosen cake package.

Get in touch to discuss flavours, size and shape of your dream wedding cake.  

Macarons, Traybakes & Scones

Wow your guests with a tower of macaroons. Choose a colour that fits your theme and we will do the rest. Traybakes are great treats for your guests and if stacked, a cake tower will look pretty spectacular too. Get in contact to discuss flavours


Price per macaroon up to 25     £3

Price per macaroon up to 50    £2.75

Price per macaroon up to 75      £2.50

Price per macaroon up to 100     £2



Brownie £1.75 per slice

Rocky Road £2.25 per slice

Blondie £1.75 per slice

Millionaire Shortbread £2.25 per slice

Cornish clotted cream shortbread £2 per slice

Minimum order 12, Price will vary for different flavours and any toppings. 


Freshly baked the morning of your wedding, our scones are a lovely addition to any wedding menu. Whether your serving small ones as canapes or as a pudding with Jam and cream, your guests will love them. Please get in touch to enquire about pricing and flavour options. 


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